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The way we see it, there are three key ways Vertilux as a company can reduce our impact on the environment:

The first is by making better blinds. A quality blind can manage heat and light coming into a building, therefore reducing reliance on heating and air-conditioning, reducing electricity consumption and minimizing greenhouse emissions. So, the more effective the blinds we make, the better the impact of our product. Innovative products such as our Fully Enclosed Kassett System blocks 100% of ambient light and heat. Other systems can be timed so that blinds open and close as the sun moves across the sky, maximizing efficiency.

The second is by making blinds from better materials. To this end, our Greenvision™ fabrics are PVC-free, low-VOC, ecospecifier assessed and can also assist in the achievement of points as set by the Green Building Council of Australia.

The third is how we make our blinds. Every process in our factory is governed by our Waste Not Want Not factory principles, which keep material use and garbage creation to a minimum.

Our environmental impact - including waste, water and energy usage - has been independently assessed. We have a Sustainability Policy here for everyone to read. Our suppliers are assessed based on our Sustainable Procurement Policy and chosen accordingly. But that's not all.

Our Sustainability Action Plan ensures that doing better by the environment is embedded in our business and that all our environmental initiatives are questioned, assessed, extended and improved year on year.

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